Business Law Advice and Services

California Business Law Office serves the legal needs of small and medium businesses in the Bay Area.

Our services include:

  • Business Transactions: Negotiation, structuring, documentation and execution of standard and complex business transactions.

  • Litigation (Court and Arbitration): Initial advice, filing and prosecution of court cases in business and personal legal matters. Second opinions on existing court cases, choice of law firms, international issues, etc.

  • Business Contracts: Negotiation, structuring, and drafting of: licenses, distribution, buy/sell, and employment agreements, and business leases including follow-up advice.

  • Corporate Check Audits: early-stage review and advice on corporate documentation and procedures to facilitate future buy-out/IPO

  • IPO/Buy-out: Advice and support through all stages of the IPO/buy-out process, including early-stage check audits.