M&A, IPO and Buy-outs

We provide sophisticated support for mergers and acquisitions, IPO preparation, and buy-outs of business entities.

Planning to acquire another business? We can assist with due diligence, deal structuring, negotiation, execution and closing.

Is your business looking to be acquired now or in the future? NOW is the time to start an action plan for best results in 12 months or two years.

  • IPO/Buy-out: Advice and support through all stages of the IPO/buy-out process, including early-stage check audits.

  • Due diligence: Preparation, advice and support for the due diligence phase for acquiring and acquired party.

  • Team coordination: We can assist you in the process of selection and coordination of professional deal teams including investment advisers, accountants and tax advisers, valuation specialists, law firms, etc.

  • International transactions: Special legal, business and tax considerations must be evaluated and resolved to ensure successful outcomes in international transactions. We can help with expert advice and support.

  • Corporate check audits: Early-stage review and advice on corporate documentation and procedures to facilitate future buy-out/IPO.